Walking a Fine Line

I found myself straddling a fine line while traveling through Southeast Asia.

The region is so poor, especially Cambodia and Myanmar, and tourism is such a big part of the countries’ economies, that many locals try to make an extra buck on tourists. This means that tourist traps or scams abound. These range from the obvious ones, a Bangkok taxi driver not turning on his meter, to the not so obvious ones, a boy coming up to give you a tour of a temple without you asking him and then expecting a tip. Continue reading

Angkor Thom Stone Faces

Siem Reap – a charming gateway to Angkor

It’s difficult to describe Cambodia. Words simply cannot describe a country that seems to be frozen in time. A country still reeling from the effects of genocide and continuing political corruption.

Many visitors will simply pass through its major cities. Cities pulsating with bright lights, tuk tuks, night markets and the aromas of food. They are unaware of the Real Cambodia that lies just outside the city limits. It’s raw, dusty, slow and simple. It’s rural and basic. There is no running water or electricity. This is the majority of Cambodia. Continue reading

Noodles at a street stall in Bangkok

The Wondrous World of Street Food in Bangkok

I’m sure many of you have heard of, and maybe even experienced, the amazing street food in Thailand. Bangkok in particular has lots of street stalls and markets that offer a wide array of food. It’s an inexpensive way to sample some delicious and traditional Thai food and to eat like the Thais do. There are a lot of blog posts about Thai street food, but we wanted to share our experiences and thoughts. Continue reading

Picture of Khao San Road in Bangkok

Bangkok. Love it or Hate it?

Whenever I talk to someone about Bangkok, I get one of two responses, “I love that city!” or “I didn’t like it. I wouldn’t spend more than two days there.” And the first time I went to Bangkok last year, I didn’t like the city much. It was hot, humid, polluted, and congested with traffic and people. I only spent about a day and a half there with my family and quickly made that judgment.

On this trip, Bangkok was our first stop, and we spent 6 days there. Needless to say, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t enjoy my time in Bangkok after my first experience. But this time, the city really grew on me.

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Out of Office sign carved into beach sand

Breaking the News to Work – Security or Termination

Telling work about your long term travel plans - with Dilbert intro

Nidhi’s Experience

I like my job and the company I work for, and I have a great manager and team, so I didn’t want to jeopardize all of that. BUT Neil and I had talked about traveling the world for so long. I really hoped I could work something out where I could come back to my job after the six months. So I did some research and found out that my company offers personal leave of absences for a maximum of 6 months. A leave doesn’t guarantee job protection, but if it meant I could potentially come back to my company and team, then I wanted to pursue the option.

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